10 Question China Asked to U.S. To Justify This Global Epidemic Accusation

Time has started for China to conquer America as a result of the spread of this global epidemic that severely damages the world economy. Although America accuses China of being too widespread, let me share that China has raised ten direct questions that America has not yet addressed. Such questions illustrate how America became involved in this outbreak. If America has resolved all these questions, then it might be concluded that America is not at all involved in the epidemic game.

Let’s talk about the thought-provoking question that the Chinese intelligence agencies released through state media and were asked from America a few times back but haven’t received an answer yet.
Question – 1
Mr. Robert R. Redfield, Director of the American Center for Disease, said that those dying from flue also included coronary death. The question arises here what’s the amount of dying individuals because of coronavirus, and how many false deaths are involved in all this pit.

Question – 2
The U.S. military goes to China from October 18 to 27 to play Military World Games. America claims that it has the strongest army in the world that. however, such a strong army can’t even win a single gold medal. There is a possibility that the people who participated in the game were not real U.S. Army, they could be someone else who pretended to be an army and enters the game to carry out some secret agenda in China. Will America like to address this question as to how the world’s top strong army has been so inept and earned not a single gold medal when they claim to be the best military in the world, while China wins more than 200.
Question – 3

How Americans learnt about the Corona a few months before that, a significant epidemic starts to spread worldwide. They began to exercise control on this global epidemic in an event called the Americas 201. The Johns Hopkins Health Security Center organized Event 201 in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. They were “playing” the circumstance of the Corona pandemic. Later, of course, the organizers quickly refused to accept with “clarification” that this was a “prediction” of the current crisis.
The question posed here is why the Deputy Director of the CIA was present at the event. What was his link to this case, where they simulate what would happen if there was a severe pandemic? It was evident that the U.S. already knows that the epidemic will begin in a month.

Question – 4
Japan Korea Italy and Iran all confirm that the first coronavirus case identified was American groups A and B. As we all know, Coronavirus A and B transmitted from America. In contrast, the coronavirus from Chinese is the S group. Why the coronavirus group A and B are spreading throughout the world, Why not the Chinese’ s group Coronavirus? America needs to confront what the real game is.

Question – 5
If we see history There was a flu outbreak all over the world in 1918, America blamed Spain for that, but after investigation, it revealed that America was behind that entire thing.

The whole world knows about technology battle between America and China. We have also seen how America has always accused China of everything in the past. Now again, America has not hesitated to blame China for this COVID-19 epidemic. But all the indications and statistics are moving against America. America accuses China of making its reputation terrible, but America has no evidence that China is responsible for this global outbreak. Is America going to be ashamed of what they did to the world?

Question – 6
The flu that spread across the world in 1918 infected 10 trillion people and 5 billion people died. If we explore this, every statistic shows that America is behind all of this. America frequently continues to pursue such tactics to show its supremacy. America is playing the same game with China now after that outbreak. Has America ever apologized from any country in the world?
Question – 7
America is presenting Captain America as a world savior in movies now a day. Whatever bad happened in the world, Captain America arrives and saves the world. They are making the character a universal symbol that America will save the world. Where is Captain America now when the whole world is going through a global coronavirus epidemic. China revealed timely to the world what’s going to happen, so why America didn’t take any action to protects the earth? Why the Americans department didn’t stop coronavirus on time. America is unable to answer that question.

Question – 8
America has established laboratories in many counties such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and many more. Last year, China’s had Swine Flu. Many Chinese companies got affected and get close to bankruptcy. Will America explains how the entire world is imacted by such laboratories, and how it caused disadvantages and losses for China
Question – 9
Why was the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of infection Disease at the Maryland Metric Center closed in July 2019? Was there something that got leaked out of there? The U.S. must address this concern as to what circumstances they had to shut down the center.
Question – 10
America is doing a C.T. scan of all the patients and displaying it to the world. Why don’t they tell the truth that people who die are not linked to Corona but that they are dying from some other illness? They are only doing it to increase the number of deaths from Corona, so they can conveniently blame China
China has begun to retaliate from America by demanding the response to this eye-opening question, and it will soon uncover the ugly side of America in front of the entire worl

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