Celebrate Your Failure

Do you recall how many times you fell before taking your first step? 5 times? 10 times? Maybe even 15 times? Do you remember how much you struggled with enunciating words correctly? Do you realize how courageous you were back in your childhood? You never let the fear of an elder’s reprimand get in the way of trying new things and making mistakes. You acted on all your silly ideas because you let your imagination lead the way. And even though you rarely ever succeeded in carrying out your devious little plans, nothing stopped you from dreaming the wildest of dreams! You were unstoppable!


And then, you grew up! Life decided ‘responsibility’ was your new best friend. Society nailed the windows of imagination and drilled the seed of fear in you. ‘Failing’ had now become unacceptable!



Failure Does Not Exist.

In actuality, there is no such thing as absolute ‘failure.’ It is a mere phantom that haunts people and drives them away from their goals. It is a trick of the mind, an inner demon that devours on fears and insecurities. Failure has no place in practical life. Since we have already established that failure is not permanent, every time someone ‘fails,’ they can quickly turn things around and change that status. No will hand us a certificate or trophy of shame for failure. All failing does is elicit a reaction from society, a reaction that some use as a basis for wallowing in self-pity. It’s true, sometimes ignorance truly is bliss!



Failure Is Only Practice.

When we don’t succeed, we automatically assume we have failed. That is not true. Not succeeding does not mean we have failed. We have to stop viewing failure as our enemy and form a more cordial relationship with it. Let’s call it the ‘Positive Imaginary Failure’ concept. Understanding and implementing this concept will teach you more than any school textbook or lecturer. It will be like the ‘warm-up before the actual race.’ You will emerge tough-skinned and iron-willed, ready to handle any sour lemons life hands you. And how does it work, you ask? Simple. All you have to do is inform your brain that “Failure is only practice’” “Failure is temporary,” “Failure is ok.” Take this approach, and we guarantee, slowly, but surely, you will find yourself overcoming the oh-so-dreadful fear of failure.



Find Your Purpose And Follow It Relentlessly.

The next question which comes up is, what about those who, despite having a positive attitude, still lose the battle and cannot accomplish their goal? Some might even get depressed and be unable to maintain healthy relationships. We say, even these people haven’t failed! There’s always a silver lining. You will still learn something from struggling. It is crucial to not let setbacks deter you from your path. Once you have set a goal, you have to take the initiative and fight for it. All of us have a purpose of fulfilling on this planet. Choose to live a life of meaning! Don’t let the fear of failing blind you. Coming up with a truly innovative idea that not everyone has the potential to implement is a victory in itself. Following the route that serves your purpose means defeating the voice in your head that wants to hold you, prisoner, in your comfort zone.


Think about those movies that start with the climax and end where the story begins. Directors of such movies intend to make an important point. They want the audience to focus on the journey rather than the conclusion. Not all battles need to be won, in fact, not even all goals have to be reached. Sometimes experience is a far greater treasure than that fleeting moment of victory. People who make tough choices and put in their sweat and blood to pursue them are, in actuality, already more successful than those who, out of fear of failing, never even try, leading void, mundane lives, designed to please society.



Failure is Not the Final Destination.

Failure is commonly perceived as the ultimate outcome. A dead-end. The final screw in the coffin. But what if we changed our perspective? What if we conceived failure, not as a ‘destination’ but as an inevitable and natural part of the ‘journey’? Whether it’s pursuing a risky new career at an unconventional age, learning to trust people again after being betrayed, or striving to achieve a goal that the world claims you can’t, you are bound to run into failure, not once, but several times. And that’s alright! When climbing a ladder, one might stumble on a rung or two. Does a momentary loss of balance plummet you to the ground? Of course not. One misstep does not undo all the successful ones. The journey isn’t over yet. Similarly, failure needs to be perceived as one of the rungs on the ladder we climb towards success.



Failure Brings You Closer to Success.

Those who have failed countless times are actually closest to succeeding. With every downfall, they learn something new and make a note of what must be avoided next time. They discover new ways of steering past obstacles. Ultimately, they expand their ocean of knowledge, gain experience, and come to possess unparalleled will and determination. They learn the tricks of the game, coming closer to victory with every move!

Successor or failure is not a reward or punishment; instead, it is a state of mind. You may fail to achieve something, but the label of failure will not stick with you forever. You can always get back up. As T.H Palmer said, “is a lesson you should heed if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again!” Failing is normal. Refusing to change that status is what counts as a real failure. That being said, merely succeeding is not an achievement either. Maintaining it and always striving to accomplish more is what defines true success!

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