Will Climate Change Help Elon Musk Become the World’s First Trillionaire?

Will Climate Change Help Elon Musk Become the World’s First Trillionaire?

You may be familiar with Elon Musk. Bezos is in a dead heat with Musk, who is worth little over $200 billion. They are battling it out to become the richest person in the world. Elon Musk’s current net worth is almost entirely because of the $750 billion market value of Tesla.You may not be familiar

The two men at the top of  the list for becoming the world’s first trillionaire are Musk and Ambani. This is because climate change is the connecting thread linking the fortunes of Musk and Ambani. Alternatively, it is the expectation that their future endeavors will far reduce climate change and help avoid its more extreme impacts.

Even though Tesla’s market share of worldwide new vehicle sales was barely 1 percent in 2020,  the company was worth more than the rest of the automotive industry combined. Investors think that the future growth of the industry depends on the shift to electric vehicles and addressing climate change, therefore they’re betting on it (EVs). Tesla will enjoy major expansion due to this.

The whole global automobile sector is worth less than Tesla alone.


In order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, EVs must be part of a huge economic shift. About 50 billion tons of carbon is emitted each year globally. According to an estimate, just 16% of total emissions are related to transportation. Moreover, only around 10% of transportation-related emissions are linked to automobiles and trucks. If Tesla succeeds in selling enough cars to significantly cut into that 8% chunk, Musk’s value will fly over the trillion-dollway Elon Musk
Over 90% of the remaining carbon emissions can be found among the other 10% of the world’s population. It can offer plenty of hope for entrepreneurs like Ambani to invent new goods that are necessary to rescue the earth. Marketing umbrellas when it’s raining is like selling your wares to a world-wide market with trillions of people.

Ambani’s focus on green hydrogen is a gamble on the assumption that Tesla’s batteries-based strategy won’t work for heavy industrial operations like cement and steel manufacturing and transport applications like trucks, ocean ships, and planes. Investors believe that cheap, carbon-zero, renewable hydrogen fuel will dominate the market.

Many more climate heroes are going to get the chance to make it to the $1 trillion milestone before either Musk or Ambani. A revolution in carbon emissions solutions is needed to resolve large clusters of emissions. The person who develops these solutions at a large scale and is able to do so will be richly rewarded.

An example is the 13% of yearly worldwide carbon emissions that are generated by cement and steel. Making cement and steel emits carbon dioxide that doesn’t come from the use of fossil fuels. Every year, about four billion tons of cement are produced, and the chemical reaction produces around a ton of CO2. Every ton of steel we manufacture creates roughly two tons of carbon dioxide. The overall emissions from fossil fuels needed to melt limestone and iron ore are substantial. In that market, few things are as cost-effective as reducing or capturing emissions.

Cows provide 4% of global methane emissions via eructation and flatulence, which our kids term burping and farting. Their feces provide almost half of the nitrous oxide emitted into the atmosphere. Other developments may be more promising than electrification for reducing agricultural emissions. Pilot projects using seaweed additives in cow feed reduced methane output by 50-90 %. Scientists are using genetics and selective breeding to minimize methane output. In addition to saving cattle herds, firms producing fake meat might make a fortune.
The climate change crisis and the attraction of new money will inspire billions of people to become a part of the next golden age. A period of innovation when people help billions of lives through climate solutions and harvest trillions in wealth.

Dua Shah

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