• Attend Your Inner Voice Call – It’s Ringing Since Long! 

    Attend Your Inner Voice Call – It’s Ringing Since Long! 0

    I have this voice inside me, dim yet powerful. Every time it speaks, I find myself turning it off. I can constantly sense it’s there, resting inside me. It is always on the lookout and responds anytime I seek something. I routinely dismiss it as if I hadn’t heard anything without recognizing I was responding

  • 24 Top hotels with breathtaking life experience

    24 Top hotels with breathtaking life experience0

    Enjoy breakfast with a view in the Pool Suite. Brunelleschi Hotel Regardless of the location of your vacation—whether a gorgeous beach, a snow-covered mountain, or a renowned landmark—a spectacular locale may help you enjoy your hotel stay. A hotel with a view gives a unique experience, a good memory, and a treasure trove of Instagram

  • How Meditating Can Help Weight Loss

    How Meditating Can Help Weight Loss0

    The benefits of learning to meditate are largely anecdotal.  Weight Loss According to Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s research, long-term meditators have more gray matter in the auditory and sensory brain. It means they have better senses and a bigger frontal cortex for working memory and executive decision making. Not enough motivation for most people to