Natural Way To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

The color of the skin around the lips differs from Person to person, and no shade is superior to the others or more healthy. However the color of the lips may indicate that more attention is needed by them.

Some People develop discoloration on the lips. This discoloration or pigmentation can be the consequence of an uncaring lifestyle or due to medical factors. In this article, you will know about the reasons of dark lips and the way it is possible to lighten them

What Makes Dark Lips?

Dark Lips may be a consequence of the following reasons:

  • The melanin production in your skin cans raise due to excess exposure to the sun, thus it causes pigmentation.
  • Excessive smoking can cause a type of pigmentation known as a smoker’s melanosis
  • An affected response to certain products like toothpaste, lipstick, etc. may also cause hyperpigmentation in your lips.
  • Medical treatments for conditions, such as Laugier-Hunziker syndrome and Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, and posttraumatic pigmentation can affect your lips and cause them to appear dim.

Natural Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

1.  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has soothing and creaming properties. These properties can help keep your lips soft and supple and keep them from becoming dry and darker, which usually occurs with skin dehydration. What You Can Do: Take a little virgin Coconut oil and massage it on your lips through an index finger. Leave it to dry. You can do that 1-2 times each day.

2. Lemon And Honey

Citrus Fruits such as lemons are famous for their skin lightening attributes When combined with honey, lemons can not only lighten your lips but also help soften them.

What You Can Do: Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey and apply it to your lips. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with water. You may do this once daily.

Notice: Lemon juice may cause a Stinging feeling in the skin. Before attempting this treatment, please perform a patch test

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains aloin, a compound with depigmenting qualities. This can help to reduce the lip pigmentation.

What You Can Do: You Require half a teaspoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel and apply it to your lips. Rinse with plain water. You may do this 1-2 times daily.

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber contains largely antioxidants and silica-rich compounds. These compounds may help disappear pigmentation and lighten dark skin tone.

What You Can Do: Take a few slices of cucumber and grind them. Apply the paste to your lips and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with water. You may do this 1-2 times daily.

5. Turmeric

Curcumin Is a significant element of turmeric. This may help inhibit melanogenesis (the formation of melanin). Your lips, consequently, can whiten.

What You Can Do: Prepare a thick paste by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a little water. Apply this paste to your lips and let it dry. Rinse with water. You can do this once daily.

Note: Turmeric can cause an allergic reaction to skin contact in some people. If you’re allergic to this, it can lead to an outbreak of rashes on the skin. Before you move with this treatment, do a patch test.

6. Sesame Oil

Sesame seeds and bottle with oil on a old wooden table,Sesame oil oil in a glass jug.

Sesame oil comprises an active lignan called sesamol, which was found to inhibit the biosynthesis of melanin in animal studies. Therefore, this oil will surely help in lightening dark lips.

What You Can Do: Apply sesame oil on your lips and leave it on until it dries. You may reapply the oil as necessary. You can do this 2-3 times daily.

Note: Sesame oil can cause an allergic reaction upon skin contact in some people. Hence, do a patch test

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate extracts were discovered to decrease tyrosinase activity and melanin production. These attributes ultimately lighten dark lips.

What You Can Do: Make a paste using water and pomegranate powder by adding a teaspoon of each. Rub this paste to your lips and let it dry. wash off with plain water. You may do this 1-2 times regularly for the finest results.

Notice: Pomegranate powder may cause an allergic response Such as rashes and skin irritation in some individuals. Do a patch test.

Treatment For Dark Lips

  • The common options for treating dark lips include the use of lasers. Laser treatment does not have severe side effects.
  • Chemical treatments might also be used to whiten dark lips. They often involve using hydroquinone and kojic acid that can inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme.
  • Certain treatments also work by inhibiting the production of melanin. But most of them may cause adverse side effects (increased sun sensitivity, flaking skin, or an uneven skin tone).

Prevention Tips

  • Exfoliate your lips regularly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids daily to stay hydrated.
  • Use a lip balm in the routine with SPF 40 or above.
  • Do not use low-quality lip cosmetics.
  • Avoid using products you are allergic to.
  • Avoid constantly sucking on your lips, as it makes them very dry.

All these tips, along with the solutions can help whiten your lips. However, Talk to Your Physician Before utilizing someone of These treatments so that they can also treat the underlying cause of the darker lips.

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