Resurrection Ertugrul Is Creating Fire In All Over The world.

This Turkish series was first broadcast in 2013 and since then has roared the Muslim world for the right purposes. .The series based on Ertugrul Bey, the father of Ottoman Empire founder Osman. The programme focuses on the Kayi Tribe, which was belonged by Ertugrul and Sulayman Shah.

There are numerous historical fiction serial, but how often is there a show addressed to a Muslim viewer? Dirilis: Ertugrul has spoken to the soul of many Muslims who have the feeling, identity and concept of belonging to Ummah.

Know, it’s a Netflix program, and it’s not always true, since there are unsolved hidden mystery so the series was made for pure entertainment – but the valuable lessons to be definitely learned from this series apparently can’t be questioned.

In Pakistan, early 2020, the Ertugul series began to be discussed too frequently. I could see a number of WhatsApp statuses packed with photos of Ertugrul. Everybody on social media was speaking around Ertugurul. This creates curiosity in me to inquire more about it.  I learn that the series had achieved 700 episodes, I initially assumed who would watch such a long series, but once I proceeded, I clearly understood that  it has created a fire in the world.




“I was astonished that 70 years old Hollywood film industry is being defeated by this Turkish drama. Whereas this drama have gained the success in last just two years”

This tv drama has been firmly opposed by India. Indian government has prohibited Indian actors performing Ghazi Ertugrul ‘s voice over. The main reason to not dub Ertugrul in India is because this serial is too popular in Kashmir.


Ertugrul Ghazi already empowered the kashmiri. While India concerns that it will can provide more fuel to Kashmir’s independence movement as the Kashmir Valley is closed down and local cable operators are permitted to broadcast content from Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.


Kashmiris began to download this drama and share it with each other via USB. This drama becomes the inspiration for Kashmiris to see how the tiny tribe united on the two thousand, ruled over Europe for 600 years through the force of religion, and remained triumphant. It’s a real story, not an invented one. Ghazi Ertugrul history proves that if you’re going to achieve your goal, nothing can get in your way.

Ertugrul Is the story that explains how the Muslim defeated the super-powers of the time and laid the cornerstone of an empire that has been a perfect example of the glory of Muslims for centuries.

The strong message of this drama is not being digested by India. Kashmiris see the series as a form of entertainment, but it is a drama that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

This drama is very encouraging, specially for young Muslims and Kashmirs. Kashmiris also says the best thing about this series is that those who fight for the cause of truth and justice will never be disappointed with the results. And their only aim is to walk the path of truth. Surrender is never an option and   History never forgives those who surrender. The story of a small tribe in Portugal struggling against internal and external enemies. Ghazi Ertugrul appeals a lot to Kashmiris. The customs and visual style of the actor are pretty similar to Kashmiris. Now the influence of Ghazi Ertugul on Kashmir’s everyday life is growing. Friends are now greeting each other with the names used by their characters. Some of them started using his title music as their phone ringtone. This drama has brought a new direction to Kashmiris.

Not only did this Turkish drama attract Muslims, it also united the whole muslim world. At the moemnt    drama Ghazi Ertugrul and Ghazi Usman are currently being watched in more than 100 countries.


The American newspaper The New York Times and the Washington Post called this drama a silent epidemic.

Arab countries banned this series . Indian revent their actors for dubbing,

When this turkish drama became popular in Arabia, it was banned. The Patient Broadcasting Center in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, banned the play from its TV network.


As a result, the wound’s popularity in the Arab world skyrocketed. Arabs have started watching it online and it is being said that the number of viewers of this drama in the Arab world is now in the millions.

A campaign has been launched against it in Arab countries (UAE) and Egypt. Attempts were made to play the card of Arab nationality. But no attempt was successful. Women in Arabia are talking about the magic of tomorrow. And then the matter reached the fatwa.


Now Egypt’s largest institution, Dar al-Fatwa, has issued a fatwa against Tawakkul. This drama should not be seen under any circumstances. Now it is not a drama in the whole matter. The method is important. There is a fight of nationalism but it is being fought with the help of the fatwa of religion. It needs to be understood.

This is what has happened to Muslims wherever and whenever they use religion to help. If there is a requirement of religion, the driving of a woman will also be declared un-Islamic and if the requirements change, it will also be permissible to give a balletine.



The play is also being called a game of development. And this drama is very important in terms of Islamic conquests in the thirteenth century.


The story of the play to the woman is the story of the pre-Ottoman Empire in the thirteenth century. Its main story revolves around a brave Muslim general by other names. Adulterous women are also called ghazis.

In this play, the rule of Urdu ghazal before the Ottoman Empire showed bravery and love.


Now, a few years after the death of the Urdu Allama Yusuf Islahi, his youngest son Usman announced the establishment of the Ottoman Empire in the voice of the thirteenth century. And this great empire of the Muslims lasted for about 600 years.


Ertugrul defeated the biggest industry of this world which was ruling from last 60 to 70 years.

It is indeed a powerful thing.

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