Successful Story Of A Famous Blogger Hooriya Ejaz

Q- 1        You seem a really popular blogger with # of a follower on your intagram.. How did you begin your blogging journey?

I wasn’t acquainted with the blogging concept, and how it’s handled. The whole thing happened back in 2017 In the most dark times of my life when my marriage was at its end and my future was blank. During those hard days I decided that I should not sacrifice my existence. I believed in doing anything that would be worthwhile to my life. I’ve never been from those women in this male dominant society weeping over their destiny. Perhaps that’s why my twin sister suggested me that I should start blogging on Instagram. She believed in me, and recommended that I should concentrate on my life’s positive aspect. So It’s never been planned but I’m happy to follow this path. This blogging attempt was a great learning experience, and down the road. It took me almost 2 to 3 years to get where I am now.

Q- 2        Tell our readers about your blog what is it all about?

I greatly enjoy creating fresh makeup looks for my audiences. My blog revolves around latest beauty trends, and the looks that I make. It’s all about makeup tips and skin care techniques with bits of my life.  Since makeup is what I am intensely excited about, I decided that I could just concentrate on that. I am happy to express my interest and passion for beauty care to thousands of people worldwide.

Q- 3        How often do you make content?

I pursue to remain as engaged as I can, so every week, I post a a new look.   I research the latest products and the style of make-up to prepare my upcoming content. I ensure that I always share fresh and different ideas and products, in the best possible way, and the newest. I also receive a number of inquiries from people regarding party makeup or special makeover style. so I usually get caught up with something my audiences haven’t seen before.

Q-           Do you use your blog for commercial purposes? Can people hire you?

oh yes definitely. hire me for a project related to makeup definitely yes. I prefer working with original makeup and skincare brands which are authentic and really want me to give my genuine reviews. I prefer to use the product personally first and then I make tutorial on it. I like to share the quality and reliability of the product very well so that my viewer can know better about them.

Q- 5        What is your future planning? Anything that you wish to do and you haven’t done it yet related to blogging?

I have endless plans and goals for my future and may Allah give me the strength to achieve them

I think blogging is something you can start today and you don’t have to wait for anything I’ve done everything what I wanted to do with my blogging but I do have plans to use the platform and do something else with it



Q-           What was the toughest thing you faced in your blogging journey?


when you get into blogging you should prepare for criticism. In blogging you need to have a very thick skin to tolerate all the judgments people throw at you. We all know that it’s hard not to take it personal when someone leaves a bad comment or a review. It gets even harder when you’ve been doing your best to satisfy your viewer and work hard to make the content awesome. I believe, Of course, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone so I don’t rely as hat they deserve but I have accepted it as a part of my work


Q-7         Which is your favorite makeup tutorial that you really love it?

I love doing creative & unique looks with makeup product and brushes. I have shared the process of turning myself  into one of the world’s most recognized  painting  Mona Lisa painting on my face and a scenery on my eye. I consider it my best work so far.

Q-           Did you have any professional help to make your blog successful? Like video editor, digital media marketing, paid campaign?

I am a self learner, I never had any professional help from any individual or an agency. From creating the looks to production work or post-production, social media handling Is do it myself.  I believe one should love their work and blogging Is all about creating, showing and managing your content. If one can’t do that individually then the door of success seems to be too impossible for him.

Q-9         What equipment do you use? What equipment do you suggest people to do?

I literally just use my iPhone’s camera to record my tutorials and edit them on iMovie. And for a start I would suggest using iPhone and the iMovie app as it’s very convenient. You don’t need to spend money on heavy equipment because blogging Is majorly about showing your talent. It Is not depended on any investment.

Q-           Whom do you follow? Any favorite influencer

i am a very big fan of samer Khouzami and huda beauty.

Q-11      what do you suggestion on “how to tart makeup blogging” for people how are interested to make one?

If you have an interest in beauty, then creating your own beauty blog could be a great way to turn your passion into revenue. Beauty blogging is a busy niche. However, with the right type of website, hard work, and your unique spin on beauty tips and tricks, there is the potential to make it big

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